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The Eternal God is your refuge.

"Maybe, God does sometimes stand in the shadows, like a mother bird when her young are learning how to fly.  How they must flap their wings and struggle to the ground.  Yet, she is aware of the 'unforeseen danger' lurking around.  The young are not always aware of this danger or her presence.  

But she is there.  Her 'young' only need to cry out to her.  She will hear their voice.  Cast your mind again to the story of the forest fire, now remember how the mother bird placed her body over the young to protect them.  She died but they lived.  It is indeed a penetrating picture of God.  We have a God who is loving and merciful.   We can go to him with any problem in our lives because he cares about us so much." - An insert from inside the book.

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Recovery Journal: Reflections of Faith

Introducing "Reflections of Faith" Hospital Recovery Journal – a beacon of light on your healing journey, blending scripture strength with the transformative power of reflection. As the perfect sequel to your Hospital Journal, it's crafted to accompany and uplift you through recovery.

Discover solace in carefully curated scripture readings, offering daily opportunities for reflection as you navigate recovery challenges guided by faith. Whether facing physical or emotional healing, this journal weaves spiritual and practical elements together.

Pen down your thoughts, aspirations, and gratitude, allowing this journal to be a testament to your resilience, guided by unwavering faith. "Reflections of Faith" Hospital Recovery Journal is more than a book; it's a source of renewal, reminding you that each day brings you closer to restoration.

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Hospital Journal

"Reflections of Faith" Hospital Journal offers Scripture readings carefully curated to bring comfort, hope, and inspiration. You can jot down your personal reflections, prayers, and thoughts as you navigate the path of healing.

As you engage with the Word of God and share your heart's responses, may this journal become a source of strength, a wellspring of peace, and a means of deepening your faith. In "Reflections of Faith," Hospital Journal lets your spirit be uplifted, your heart be soothed, and your journey be marked with the grace and love of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ.

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Born in South Africa, Belinda started reading poetry written by Helen Steiner Rice whilst visiting her grandparent's house when she was very young.  It was through this inspiration that her love for Christian Poetry and writing her own Christian poems was born.  Her poetry is a collection that has been written through the years and encompasses different stages and phases of her life.

Through her poetry, Belinda's prayer, is that you, the reader will know that whatever situation or stage of life you are going through, you can always find refuge in 'The Everlasting Arms of Christ.'

Belinda also trained as a teacher and has a passion for working with children.  

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